Photography Pro Tip – Dont Breath Your Lens

 by Bror Fredrik

by Bror Fredrik

Las Vegas Luxury Photographer

Photography Tips from a Pro – Gear Tip

Don’t Breath On Your Lens!

We’ve all seen it … someone breathes on their lens than wipes it with their shirt. Don’t be this guy or gal. Friends don’t let friends huff on lenses. This is a bad idea on so many levels.

First off, hot steamy breath isn’t the only thing that ends up on your lens. Little crusties and oils are a nightmare to properly clean … and kinda gross.

Secondly, as a rule of thumb any indiscriminate moisture on the average lens is never a good idea. Professional lenses are weather sealed in most cases.

Thirdly and perhaps more importantly, anything other that lens cleaning paper and 100% cotton swabs can and will damage your lens surface and coating if any. tell a friend

Think of the circular marks on your car’s finish from washing it in swirling motions over time … the same thing will happen to your lens coating. This warning applies to includes supposed microfiber lens cleaning rags as well … they suck and will cause damage too as do most of the gimmicks on the market.

Lenses should ONLY be cleaned with Distilled Water. All other types of water (and hot breath) contain things that can and will cause abrasion to your delicate lens coatings which will result in hazy images and lens flare.

I‘ll be posting a cleaning video shortly but in the meantime …. STOP! ūüôā


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