Photography Pro Tip Avoid Fluorescent Lighting

 by Bror Fredrik

by Bror Fredrik

Las Vegas Luxury Photographer

Photography Tips from a Pro – Lighting Tip

Avoid Fluorescent Lights!


Of all the various types of light available, common household and most commercial fluorescent lighting is the most unflattering.

If you want to accent wrinkles, scars, the fact that you were out all night etc then stand under a few common fluorescent bulbs and click away lol. tell a friend

All kidding aside, fluorescent lights have a horrible color cast that will magnify imperfections, (even those you didn’t even know you had!), wrinkles, eye bags, highlight problem areas and give you an overall sickly look.

While there are color and temperature balanced versions available for studio work, you won’t find them at big box stores nor 99.9999% of the places you’re likely to take a photo. There are also ways to correct for this in camera and with additional lighting techniques and gels but for every day photos and selfies … avoid fluorescent lighting like the plague!


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