Top 10 Tips For Better Real Estate Photos

With Your Smartphone

Who is This Guide For?

I’ve put together this guide to help on-the-go real estate professionals get the most out of using their smartphones for quick images and to save money on advertising costs related to their listings.

I realize that not all properties or projects call for high end images done by a professional real estate photograper like myself. Sometimes you just need a quick and quality photo to present to a client or when making time critical presentations. Also, statistically, properties 200k and below generally do not need professional images.

The great news is that by using these tips and tricks you will be able to instantly improve your smartphone photography skills. As an adding plus, they’ll also help you capture outstanding photos in your personal life.

What You'll Learn

  1. The Proper Grip
  2. Using a Tripod
  3. How to Focus your Smartphone
  4. The Proper Height for the Best Photos
  5. Best Time of Day to Shoot
  6. Using HDR Mode on your Smartphone
  7. Editing Your Images
  8. How Many Images to Take
  9. Useful Statistics about Real Estate Photography
  10. When to Call a Professional Photographer

These Top 10 Tips and a little practice will have you taking better photos right away AND you don’t have to be smartphone geek to use this guide!  ~ Bror Fredrik

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