Lenses Are More Important Than Camera Bodies

 by Bror Fredrik

by Bror Fredrik

Las Vegas Luxury Photographer

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Lenses Are More Important Than Camera Bodies! 


Stick a crap lens on a 5k camera body and you’ll end up with a less than stellar image. Stick an awesome lens on a mediocre body and you’ll be rewarded with amazing results!

“You’ll be amazed by the instant jump in image quality once you attach a quality lens to your existing camera body!”
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What makes a crap lens? Most likely one that was included with a camera … the so called “kit lens”. Some of the older kit lenses from various manufacturers weren’t half bad but the newer ones … not so much, they’re pretty awful, cheaply made, low resolving power and some even use plastic lens elements instead of glass. They’ll get you by until you can step up to some good glass then head straight to eBay with that kit lens and get rid of it.

What makes a great lens? Well first off, most of the time it’s not about price although awesome glass can be very expensive. It’s about the quality of the actual glass and coatings as well as the build quality of the lens body itself. Premium lenses are also able to resolve or utilize more of the camera bodies sensor megapixels so you’ll end up with sharper, more detailed images … regardless of the camera body price. Other factors come into play such as max/min aperture, coatings, focus motor speed and vibration control but that’s fodder for another article.

The good news is that many older lens that can be had for a song on the used market will outperform many of the latest greatest lens … especially a cheap kit lens.

The bottom line is this … purchase the best lenses you can afford for the type of shooting you like to do. That should be the first thing you should invest in. Camera bodies will come and go but your lenses will last a lifetime and hold their value.


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