Headshots and Portraits in Las Vegas

Why Are Headshots and Portraits Important?

Is your image everything?

It should be because as we all know you only have one chance to make a first impression … especially in today’s online driven marketplace.

A professional headshot projects trust, quality, confidence and success. A poorly executed image or cellphone shot conveys the exact opposite.

A professional portrait captures the essence of a person, preserves a moment in time and memories that last a life time.

Why I, Bror Fredrik, Should Take Your Headshot or Portrait


I’ve been a professional headshot and portrait photographer in Las Vegas for over 30 years. It’s my personal and professional passion as well as a privilege to be able to capture the essence and personality of my clients. While I enjoy shooting many different styles in studio and on location, my work tends to lean towards edgy, dramatic and cinematic environmental images that are not only creative, eye catching and expressive but also truly convey who a person is on the inside as much as how they look on the outside.

This is my goal when I work with you! ~ Bror Fredrik

Who Needs a Headshot or Portrait?



A professional, high quality headshot that stands out is a must for all business people and professionals of any industry. They can be used online for sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, your website or for print and promotional material.

A picture is worth 1000 words … make sure yours tells the right story!


Proper, professional headshots and comp cards (zed cards) are an absolute necessity for actors, actresses and entertainers … especially in the highly competitive Las Vegas market.

Set yourself apart and land that well paying gig!

Dating Sites

Yes, dating sites! If you want to make a great first impression a casual portrait style shot that shows not only how you look but also your personality is the way to go.

Let me help you stand out and meet that special someone.


I offer several packages as well as the following options:

Hair and Make Up


Prints and Albums

Are You Ready To Book Your Headshot or Portrait Session?

You can book your headshot or portrait session with me online and select a date and time that’s convenient for your schedule using the link to my calender below

October is filling up fast. Contact me now to book your Session!

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